Oral with wife’s bestie (1 of 2)

Extra marital relations are always riskier but they turn out to be most exciting one specially when you are involve with someone who is well known by your spouse. Today I will narrate one of such experiences of my life.

I have been happily married for five years but as time flies, things starts getting rustier in bed. Thus your inner-self starts looking for spice …


Screwing my teacher (Part-2)

Hi again. I hope you guys liked my first story. Here I am again with the remaining part of the story. As soon as I told me my size to my teacher, I found his dick harder than before. I was still jerking his rock solid dick till he told me he is about to cum and want me to give him oral.

For me …


Screwing my teacher (Part-1)

Hi this is Samia. During my whole education period, maths used to be my weakest link. Therefore when I reached 9th standards my parents decided to hire a tutor for me who could teach me maths with complete dedication. My mom is quite socially active had told her friends for recommendations.

My father interviewed many but finally decided on young man who was in the …


Screwing my girlfriend’s sister

I had lost my virginity during first year of college with a neighbor’s girl who was 7 years elder then me. I met her during playing cricket in street with my mates. We exchanged numbers and ultimately it ended up in bed. However today I am not sharing that story in detail but encounter with her sister, who was at that time was 16 like …


First Prostitution Voyage With Romanian Girl

In 2012, I went to Bucharest, Romania for a business trip. Business trips are quite boring, especially when you are on road for a after sales support. They often leads to frustrations and you end up with bourbon in your lonely hotel room.

Anyways! lets get back to story. After having a frustrating day at client’s office, finally in evening I came back to hotel …


Banging MILF Employee

Yet another real experience of mine with another employee I had in the past. Back in 2013, I was looking for a female SEO expert who is passionate and could deliver the right work. I interviewed several girls and ladies for the position however most of them were junkies and tried to sell me what they couldn’t actually do properly i.e. SEO.

Finally she showed …

A Teacher’s Tale

This is Sohail aged 23 from Multan. Today I am going to narrate the incident happened between me and my only student Maryam. My mom is taking tuition at home and one of her student’s cousin is Maryam. We are living in a rental home, where we live in lower portion and the house owner lives in top floor.

Sara was 1st year college student …


High On Ecstasy With An Employee

Hi readers, this is the admin. I thought it would be cool to share one of my own experience with one of my team mates back in Lahore. It happened last year when I was recruiting one of the frontend developer for my company. I have worked with different organizations in different roles however my observation about girls is that they don’t work, as most …


Loneliness – An Interracial Story

Farhan has been working in international development for five years. He first got interested in the problems of Africa at university – then went on to do a Masters in development theory at King’s College, London. He now works in an office in Holborn and, some weeks of the year, he’s based in northern Uganda, just near Lake Albert, where his charity has three pilot …



Maha is a Masters’ student, at the University of Lahore. She’s in her second year, writing a thesis on her favorite philosopher; Spinoza. Ever since she was young she’s been serious. She was always pestering her mum to explain things … Why is the sky blue? What is electricity made of? Could you have a triangle with four sides? Later she got interested in philosophy: …